About SFIA

The Sports and Fitness Industry Association, formerly the SGMA, is the trade association of leading industry sports and fitness brands, suppliers, retailers and partners. Our mission is to promote sports and fitness participation and industry vitality, and we accomplish these goals through our various thought leadership programs, our dedicated public affairs work , and our own diligent research. We represent more than 750 sporting goods and fitness brands, manufacturers, retailers and marketers in the industry, and for more than 100 years we have worked to help build a more enjoyable lifestyle for Americans.

This blog has been designed for a number of reasons, but it was primarily created to share some of our research and our stories to members and non-members alike. While a number of our posts may focus on our member companies, everything we publish can have implications across our entire industry. Our hope is that the slightly more informal setting of a blog allows us to provide our industry with more of our content on a more frequent basis, and in turn help us in our goal to support the sports and fitness industry.

For more information about SFIA, visit our homepage at http://www.sfia.org/.


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