SFIA Member Spotlight – Ready Set Rocket

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Ready Set Rocket explains their integrative, data-driven approach to the future of a truly connected fan experience.

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Aaron Harvey, Founder & ECD

What is Ready Set Rocket?

Ready Set Rocket is an integrated agency based in New York City. We work with leading companies in sports, entertainment and retail, helping them leverage data to inspire creative ways to connect the fan/customer experience.

What is the creative process for a digital campaign?

Whether it’s campaign or product work, we align our vision with the greater purpose and value of the brand. What problem are we trying to solve? Does this put out a fire for our audience? Can we truly own this message or experience in an authentic way? Once we have our north star, we spend time in the numbers. We look for ways that data can inform creative solutions. From there, we build out messaging or product platforms. Once live, we focus on scaling and optimizing the experience against a set of KPIs.

How do you engage your client’s audiences?

In two ways. One, we assess analytics and data benchmarks to identify opportunities to fill a need, or enhance an experience. Two, we perform qualitative analysis via focus groups, surveys, sentiment analysis, user testing, competitive benchmarking. The goal of this process is to land on a key insight that inspires the work, as well as a tactical set of opportunities to differentiate the solution from the competition. We also solicit audience feedback at key points in the production process, and adopt a user feedback loop once the work is live.

How big are these companies that you are working with?

As a small independent agency, we are very fortunate to be working with two leading sports leagues in the U.S., as well as Univision Communications Inc. We have designed international platforms including league apps, stats and connected devices like Apple Watch, as well as corporate platforms for Social Responsibility and Recruitment. Ultimately, our goal is to connect a strong creative insight with growth in fan/subscription acquisition and retention.

What makes Ready Set Rocket stand out?

We’ve differentiated ourselves by focusing on the connected experience. The current fan experience is extremely fragmented. There are countless ways to engage with leagues, teams and players via social platforms and digital channels. Where we excel is in understanding the role of each touchpoint in context of the greater fan experience.

What are some common platforms that you are actively using?

Generally speaking, we try to stay as platform agnostic as possible. We first develop our strategic goals, and then assess which platforms best align with those goals, whether that’s CMS, CRM, analytics, testing or other platforms.

What are some trends you are seeing today in the sports market?

While the commoditization of information and technology has fueled fan engagement, it also complicates efforts to own the fan experience. Looking for storylines? Social. Gossip? Reddit. Stats? Independent websites. Standings and news? Google and other aggregators. This experience will only continue to fragment. So it’s critical that leagues and teams pinpoint the most indispensable value they can offer. This likely brings the focus back to the main product — the sport. Live streaming, OTT subscription models, propriety realtime highlight engines and exclusive behind-the-scenes content that connects players and teams to culture makers and influential brands. And even with that focus, leagues and teams must figure out the best way to deliver the optimal game experience domestically and internationally — full games? condensed games? AI-driven or manually edited game highlights? no spoilers options for time shifted fans? As well as what APIs they should open up to the broader community to fuel independent creativity centered around their leagues. This exploration is well underway and will only intensify.

Where do you see Ready Set Rocket in 5 years?

In five years, I see us being able to fulfill on the promise of creating truly connected fan experiences. Advances in technology, open APIs and portable data are going to make the difference. We hope to be seen as an industry leader for both major leagues and challengers alike.



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