SFIA Member Spotlight – RAD

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RAD discusses their unique products and how they positively impact recovery. 

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Joshua Hensley, President

What is RAD? Does RAD stand for anything?

Hensley: Although RAD is not an acronym, we stand for taking better care and treating our bodies right—never letting tight muscles or misalignment dictate the direction of our lives. RAD means release. RAD means forward motion. RAD means feeling better, freeing restrictions and getting to the root of relief.

How and when was your company founded?

Hensley: Founder, Mike Mallory, developed our flagship product, the RAD Roller, in 2013 after damaging his back as a professional mogul skier. Going through rehab, he realized there were no high-quality products on the market capable of mobilizing the muscles in his spine without putting painful pressure on his vertebrae.

How did you come up with your five values?

Hensley: It started with our mission statement: improving body movement and propelling radical lives through innovative tools and education. Our five values are the pillars that are essential to RAD and our company culture.

How many products do you manufacture?

Hensley: 7 individual products and 3 kits

What is your most popular product?

Hensley: The RAD All-In Kit

How are these products unique from other products on the market?

Hensley: A bio-mechanics expert thoughtfully designed them with the anatomy in mind. Our tools are also compact and travel friendly so you can take them wherever you go – from hotel rooms to the gym to your home. We also stand behind the quality of our products with a lifetime guarantee.

Who is your target market?

Hensley: Our products are universally applicable to all people across the world, but the bulk of our audience is an even mix of men and women age 25-64 within the Sports & fitness, lifestyle, and medical verticals.

What are the benefits to using your products?

Hensley: Increased mobility, decreased pain, injury prevention, decreased recovery time, increased performance, increased power output, pre/post-surgery rehabilitation, and more.

Where are your products sold?

Hensley: In 35 countries across the world.

How do some of your ambassadors incorporate your products into their daily routines?

Hensley: IFBB Professional and Coach Kim Jones uses RAD for all of her myofascial release and self-care needs within her training routine.

Olympic Weightlifter Darrel Barnes uses the tools before and after his workouts to help with recovery and mobility.

Ultra-runner and CEO Max Fulton uses RAD to maintain his body and keep it injury free/in peak condition.

What are some overall trends you are seeing in the recovery market?

Hensley: Booming growth.  It’s a huge industry right now. People old and young are investing in their quality of life – how they treat their bodies, what they eat, how they recover, etc.

Do you have any partnerships?

Hensley: None currently, but we are entertaining a few. Our main focus and commitment right now is to build our brand and RAD community.

Where do you see RAD in 5 years?

Hensley: As a global market leader within the massage, mobility and recovery sector for both our products and education.

Any client testimonials that you could share?

“What’s the one travel item you always pack? A “Rad Roller” for rolling out my feet and forearms.”

Tim Ferriss, Author & Entrepreneur

“I have really uncomfortable lower back issues from my gymnastics days and the RAD Roller has changed my life, helped me recover and deal with my pain. RAD truly makes the best products for recovery.”

Erin Lockwood, Triathlete

“RAD Roller is THE new age company that makes foam rolling fun and gets into those hard to reach areas that other foam roller can’t get to! RAD is essential to have in any fitness enthusiasts’ regimen.”

Amanda Edell, Fitness and Nutrition Coach

“The RAD Mobility Education and tools are the perfect complement to EBFA’s Barefoot Training Specialist Certification. Built around evidence-based programming and the latest fascial research, RAD Mobility is a must-attend course for all health, fitness and movement professionals.”

Dr. Emily Splichal, Celebrity Podiatrist and EBFA Fitness Founder


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