MTB Update

With the passage of tax reform there is more clarity on the path forward for many other Congressional priorities, including MTB.

Congress plans to pass a short term Continuing Resolution (CR) by end of week to fund the government until mid-to-late January to give Congress time to prepare an Omnibus bill to fund the government the remainder of FY2018.   The push to pass Tax Reform and fund the government before Congress departs for the Holidays, tentatively scheduled for Dec. 22nd, has left Congress no time to move on other priorities this year.

In speaking with Congress it is highly unlikely they will take up the MTB this year.  The new plan is to introduce the MTB early January when Congress returns and vote on it in next month.   While the delay is not ideal and will create some issues on tariff rates during the transition to the new lower rates in the MTB, we are excited about the prospects for reduced tariffs on your products in 2018.

SFIA will continue to monitor the progress of the MTB and keep you posted on any major developments.  Thank you for your support during this process.

Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and save on Tariffs in 2018!





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