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Size Stream discusses their 3D body scanner and how it revolutionizes the Industry. 

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                                                                   Joe Dixon, CEO

What is Size Stream?

Dixon: We develop and manufacture 3D body scanning machines for deployment into settings like fitness clubs for body tracking and retailers for best fit or made-to-measure apparel. We take the 3D body scan and, depending on the customer’s application, we can provide a measurement profile to meet that need. So, for a fitness club, we can track how a client’s body changes over time. This can be really beneficial for the client and personal trainer. We are deployed in companies who use the scanner in connection with bariatric or weight loss surgery, to be able to visualize with the client their progress toward a healthy body shape and improved self image.

When was your company founded?

Dixon: The Company was established in 2012. We like to say that we are a 5-year old start-up with over 100 years of experience as the core Size Stream staff had a wealth of prior experience in development of 3D body scanning technologies prior to joining Size Stream. Size Stream’s parent company TAL is based in Hong Kong, and is one of the leading manufacturers of men’s dress and sports shirts, casual pants and suits. They produce for many of the leading retailers in the US.

Why did you create a 3D body scanner?

Dixon: The concept originated out of a need to grow retailer’s made-to-measure businesses. It represented a way to improve measurement consistency and reduce the need for skilled tailors who were in short supply.  So, the 3D body scanner was created in response to a market need in the apparel industry.

How is this body scanner different from other body scanners on the market?

Dixon: There are several body scanners on the market, some that are more expensive and offer features that may not be necessary for many mainstream applications and less expensive rotating scanners which may not provide the accuracy that most clients are seeking for accurate body measurement tracking and for custom apparel.  Size Stream focuses on being the most accurate and consistent scanner at our price point and this has made us the volume global market leader because of our accuracy-price ratio.

Who is your target audience?

Dixon: Today, we have two main target industries. One is fitness and wellness to provide body measurement tracking capabilities. Our second market focus is aimed at the apparel made-to-measure (MTM) clothing business

What data does the scanner gather? How does this help the consumer?

Dixon: Our current model, the SS20, has 20 sensors that capture over 1.5 million data points on the body and creates a 3D body mesh. From this we automatically extract over 400 body measurements. So, whether it’s for a uniform or custom clothing, you can produce a very unique set of measurements to create a profile for a specific individual. In the fitness environment, the scanner offers the consumer a real-time look at the effects of training and/or weight loss.  The scanner can track measurements and how the body changes over time and we have an iOS App that shows your how your body looks today and how you will look if you improve your fitness and lower your weight. This is very motivating for the individual being trained and a great tool for the personal trainer.

What would you say is the most popular use of the scanner?

Dixon: Our largest customer is in Germany in the medical industry. They make compression hosiery for people with lower leg arterial problems. This scanner is a certified medical instrument and is used to recommend what size and level of compression sock they should wear for their particular condition.

How much does it cost to purchase the scanner?

Dixon: Our latest SS20 model retails for $15,000 plus an annual maintenance fee and we offer volume pricing for large deployments.

Do you see further growth beyond the current 3D body scanner?

Dixon: Yes, we believe that the time is now right for 3D technologies in the marketplace. Whether it be in MTM clothing or the Wellness and Fitness industries, there is a need for the end user to see themselves, as they are, in 3D. We believe that we will be able to fulfil this need by being the digital entry point to these markets. We aim to provide an e-commerce platform that connects “bodies with goods and services” such as personalized clothing at off-the-rack pricing or to online retailers by solving the “what size will fit me best” problem. We can offer gym goers who have their body scan access to B2C made-to-measure services, enabling them to customize clothing that will accentuate their improved body shape.

There are many uses for accurate 3D body scans. Body armor for the police and military for example is a great use case where a detailed body shape is necessary for comfort and to potentially save the wearer’s life with a good fitting product. We believe that there are many other applications in the medical field but as a small company we need to focus, and so we have not yet fully explored all of the many opportunities.

Do you have any other products or applications in the works?

Dixon:.  We recently launched an iOS (Android coming soon) fitness app that allows the user to download their scanned measurements and create an “aspirational” image of themselves that can be used as a motivational tool for fitness monitoring. This has great potential in the fitness arena and we are seeking partners in the fitness space to build on this platform.

Do you have any partnerships?

Dixon: We have many partners around the globe and many of our customers we consider partners as we collaborate so closely on new developments.  We have some high profile customers such as Disney who use our scanners in the theme parks for costume making and fitting. Speedo in the UK use our scanners in their retail stores to recommend the best size for you without the hassle of trying on tight fitting swim suits. In Japan we have just deployed with a leading sportwear brand and a high-end fitness chain who see great value in connecting more closely with their customers. In China we have just signed a large distribution agreement that will see Size Stream scanners in many locations across that country which is very exciting.

Where do you Size Stream in the next five years?

Dixon: Our goal is to become the “PayPal of 3D body data” a lofty goal for a small company! So, as I mentioned earlier, we are building a platform that will enable people to use their 3d body scans for all sorts of uses – wet suits, wedding dresses, custom car seats, custom apparel, etc, etc. in fact, anything that requires accurate body measurements and body shape. We will start by utilizing the powerful apparel making capabilities of our parent, TAL, in mens and womens customized apparel; but from there are endless opportunities once we have established a strong and functional platform.

 Client Testimonials:

“We use the Size Stream 3D body scanners to create proper garment fit and proportion for customers in all of our theme parks worldwide.” In addition, Disney uses the body data to ensure the safety of the costumes they design. Weight and weight distribution (body shape) are key factors in injury prevention.

Steve Spreier, Manager Creative Costuming at Disney Parks Live Entertainment



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