SFIA Member Spotlight – KLĒNSKIN

From wash on sunscreen to lotion, KLĒNSKIN shares their unique twist on sunscreen.
Spotlight On:


Lisa LeBlanc, Co-Founder and COO


Dr. Laura Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO


LeBlanc: It is the next generation of sunscreen – it’s user friendly, high technology, and makes everyday protection so easy. We have an amazing Wash-On SPF 30 that has never been out on the market before or achieved by anyone else and can be used as your everyday base layer. All of our sunscreens utilize our patented QuantaSphere Technology, which encapsulates all of the active ingredients. A lot of people worry about chemical absorption into the bloodstream, but ours layers on the surface of the skin minimizing absorption.

When was KLĒNSKIN founded?

LeBlanc: The company was founded in 2008 by Dr. Laura Cohen, who is a Board Certified Dermatologist and me. We really found a need for it. Being in Southern California, we ask patients with a history of skin cancer to wear sunscreen daily. So this sunscreen is really easy for them to use on a daily basis.

What sets KLĒNSKIN apart from other sunscreens on the market, especially ones made for sports?

LeBlanc: We have that amazing base layer, Wash-On product that is totally unique and nobody else has it in the market. So if you think about golfers, there is nothing they can use on the scalp, but this allows you to apply it on both the scalp and neck without having to spray or apply lotion. For reapplying, our SPF 50 lotion is light-weight and non-greasy. We also have antioxidants and conditioners in it that help heal the skin when the sun penetrates the skin. The actual active ingredients in our sunscreen are encapsulated that have a positive charge on it and so again stays on the surface of the skin.

Which stores are KLĒNSKIN in?

LeBlanc: Most of our products are sold through dermatologist offices. Also, online at http://www.klenskin.com and amazon. We really focus on distribution through dermatology centers.

What are some overall trends in the sunscreen market?

LeBlanc: People are really concerned about chemical absorption. They really want what is safe and effective. I think we’ve really covered that in our sunscreen because it’s so cosmetically elegant. Most people do not like to wear sunscreen because its sticky, or you forget to apply and we’ve really found a way to avoid those reasons not to wear sunscreen.

Who is your target market?

LeBlanc: Everyone – everyone needs sunscreen. We have people buying it for their kids as young as 6 months and older men who golf or people with history of skin cancer. It has a full range because we made the product for sensitive skin and safe. The real issue is that skin cancer is so rampant and affects a lot of people. Ninety percent of skin cancer can be prevented with sun protection. Statistics are that 1 out of 2 people over the ages of 65 will get skin cancer.

How successful is your sponsorship with AVP, Beach Elite Volleyball, & ASICS World Series?

LeBlanc: It has been amazing. We even have people follow us event to event just so they can stock up on our product. People want to buy the large pump bottles so they can provide it to staff, players and coaches.

Is it being used in other sports besides volleyball?

LeBlanc:Golfers are definitely strong users of our product. Also, tennis players, swimmers, surfers and bikers. Just last spring we were a vendor at the Long Beach Grand Prix and the product was a hit for the spectators.

We are also the sunscreen partner for St. Jude’s Southern California events.  So our products are used at their charity events such as, marathons, triathlons, and outdoor fundraisers.

Where do you see KLĒNSKIN in 5 years?

LeBlanc: I see KLĒNSKIN in all of the major stores. Our technology is so versatile and we hope to expand the product line. There has been quite some international interest as well and there have been companies reaching out to use our technology in some of their branded products.

Client Testimonials:

Doctor Feedback

“I love Klenskin! It’s a unique product line that address two key factors in patients not applying sunblock regularly. First it’s easy to cover large areas. Many patients will not apply a sunblock lotion to large areas because it takes too much time and as a result will focus on the face only. By contrast Klenskin is easy to apply over very large areas. Secondly, many patients object to the tacky, sticky, greasy feel of sunblock leading to poor compliance. Skin after Klenskin application feels and looks totally normal. No mess, no stickiness, no white pasty color change. It’s also a great sunblock to use as a first layer for patients who are very active and outdoors quite a bit.”

Patient feedback has been very positive. Many of my patients at high risk for skin cancer use it regularly and report high satisfaction with it!

-Dr. Ramsey Markus,M.D. Baylor College of Medicine



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