SFIA Member Spotlight – Xborders

“Gamifying” the world of fitness, Xborders chats about their upcoming product to launch in 2018.
Member: Xborders
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Glenn Levin, Founder and CEO
What Is Xborders?

Levin: A casual game platform for sports and fitness enthusiasts who are using activity tracking devices and sensors. We are gamifying the fitness data in a unique way. A lot of these wearables and fitness app companies have some gamification – leader boards and badges you can earn, but we are incorporating a compelling mobile game experience.

How are you gamifying fitness data?

Levin: Data is accessible through Application Programming Interfaces (APIS) and members of our Playmatics engineering team are using that data to create the game.

Who does your development team compose of?

Levin: I feel very fortunate to be working with the mobile game development company Playmatics. The CEO of Playmatics, Margaret Wallace, along and Chief Creative Officer, Nick Fortugno, have been very helpful in the process. We have been working with the Chief Technology Officer, John Szeder, who is a brilliant engineer and has been doing a great job so far. We currently have an MVP – a minimum viable product, which we developed for starters.

Where does the name Xborders come from?

Levin: The genesis of this venture came from a couple of years ago when I was watching the closing ceremony of the Olympic games. Some of the athletes are from countries which are enemies, but everyone was singing and dancing in the spirit of sportsmanship and good will. I wanted to capture that virtually – so Xborders meaning no borders or crossborders.  If you can envision a Pangaea, where there are no borders between countries, but one true global community – that’s what I was hoping to achieve with this venture while using fitness and sports as a vehicle to connect people globally.

When is your target launch date and when was your company founded?

Levin: It was founded about two years ago and we are planning to launch in 2018.

Is your product stationary or on the go (mobile)?

Levin: It’s a casual mobile game experience, as opposed to a hardcore game. You interact with Xborders after you are done with your exercise and data has been collected by the sensors.

Who is your target audience and where do you see your product being used?

Levin: Our target demographic age is somewhere in the 20s and up into the 40s. We are looking at people who are both committed athletes and fitness enthusiasts who monitor their activity and are also eager to motivate people to get off the couch. We have a product that will make exercise fun, enjoyable and keep them engaged. One of our goals is to help fitness device companies cut churn and keep the users engaged because many people who use fitness devices lose interest in their device. We are also currently exploring a product for a younger demographic, which will have a slightly different business model, but we are very excited.

What inspired you to create Xborders?

Levin: I was a competitive swimmer and water polo player in college at Brown University so sports have always been a passion of mine. After I graduated and started working, I was intrigued by the concept of social networking and connecting people globally, through the shared interests in sports and fitness.

What are some overall trends that you are seeing in the sports and app market?

Levin: Sensors are really big right now because people are starting to keep track of all sorts of things – not just the steps taken per day, but calories, blood pressure, and even sleep. Casual, professional and weekend athletes are starting to monitor their fitness and health. So, our job is to take this data and combine it with the exploding game market.

Are you working on any partnerships right now?

Levin: We are currently exploring strategic partnerships and are actively seeking partners in that fitness app space. We feel like we can enhance what they already have.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Levin: We would like to be partnered with some of the major players in the digital fitness space, as well as international sports organizations and events. We hope to have viable partnerships to positively impact people globally and help make people healthier – especially with the rise in global obesity.


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