SFIA Member Spotlight – MedZone

We want our brand to be a brand of choice for a product line that helps athletes and active people feel better

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Member: MedZone

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Joe Freeman
Joe Freeman, CEO


What do you want people to know about MedZone?

MedZone was founded in 2001 by a certified athletic trainer.  In November 2015, it was acquired by the current management team.  Historically the MedZone product line was used by professional, collegiate and Olympic caliber athletes.  Under the new management team, the company is expanding its reach to other target markets including youth athletes and weekend warriors. 

How long has your company been around? What type of growth have you experienced from that time until now?

Although the company was founded in 2001, the current product line, branding and packaging started after the November 2015 acquisition.  By focusing on expanding the product market outside of professional and college teams the company is hoping to be a brand of choice by youth and adult athletes to help prevent, treat and manage aches, pains, and irritations that are often encountered by these athletes. 

Primary products include a chafing prevention solution, blister prevention solution, topical pain relief roll-on, and minor first aid cream and wound wash.  These products can be commonly used by athletes at all levels.  The company’s tagline is EveryBODY Hurts™ and it is very appropriate for athletes and active people in any sport.

Where do you see, your company fitting in the pain management market?

There are several options for topical pain relief products in the sports medicine market.  PainZone is a premium product that is highly effective for soreness, sprains, aches, etc.  One unique aspect of the company is that it offers a full line of products for multiple conditions, not just focused on one condition, i.e. pain relief. 

What does your product offer that similar products do not?

PainZone is an OTC product that has three active ingredients in it to provide a superior formula for the treatment of sore muscles and light sprains, strains and arthritis symptoms.  Coupled with the fact that it is a product in a complete product line it offers athletes a way to prevent, treat and manage aches and pains that they encounter.

Can you tell me about any partnerships MedZone has or is working on? Can you share who is using this product?

Currently, the product is being used by collegiate teams across the country as well as some professional teams.  We are working on getting more exposure into the military market and law enforcement.  The products were approved by the National Tactical Officer’s Association for their efficacy and used extensively by Certified Athletic Trainers at the highest level of competition.

 At What retail stores are or will MedZone products be available?

The product line is available on Amazon and in regional specialty sports stores.  They will be announcing launches in larger sporting goods chains and other retailers in late spring.

 What do you see as the next evolution of MedZone as a brand?

We want our brand to be a brand of choice for a product line that helps athletes and active people feel better.  There are many youth athletes and adult athletes who chafe, get blisters, suffer from soreness or get minor burns or cuts from sporting events.  We want athletes at all levels to know that they have a choice to use a product that is used by athletes at the highest levels of competition. 

Can you offer any case studies or client testimonials?

Here are a few testimonials we are proud to share:

“MedZone understands that dancers are athletes.  I wish I had these products when I was a professional dancer. I have seen the benefits to the dancers in my company. Thank you for introducing me to these excellent products for my company. You have a new fan of MedZone for dancers!”

– Professional Dance Company Artistic Director

“We apply right before practice or in a game situation, we apply just after their meeting on the way out to the floor. Applications include total knee, shoulder and ankles. My guys liked to have their ankles rubbed with PainZone before taping.

I feel also feel that PainZone really lasts and helps our guys get warmed up without having any of those pre-game creeks and pains. Without PainZone we would be off to slow starts….as you know in the NBA, no team can afford that.”

– Professional Basketball Athletic Trainer






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