Join the #PHITDay17 Conversation Online

United States Capitol Building, Washington, DC

Help build awareness and encourage Congress to #PassPHIT! Get the conversation started by sharing a few suggested posts on the social media platform of your choice: 


#PHITDay17 is Wednesday, March 22. Help reverse obesity & inactivity and #PassPHIT! @TheSFIA

Yoga class? $20. Yoga mat? $10. Class & mat under the PHIT Act? Priceless. How? #PassPHIT #PHITDay17 @TheSFIA

DYK: 20% of Americans born after 2000 are physically inactive. Support #PassPHIT and change that #PHITDay17

Click Here To:

Download the Social Media Toolkit

Learn More About the PHIT Act 

Attend National Health Through Fitness Day


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