SFIA Member Spotlight – VOLT Athletics

A key difference between Volt and existing fitness apps is that while most apps track what a user has already done, Volt actually tells the user what to do.


Member: Volt Athletics

Spotlight On: Dan Giuliani, MSAL, CSCS, RSCC

Co-Founder & CEO of Volt Athletics, Adjunct Professor of Sport Performance at University of Washington

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What is Volt Athletics?

Volt Athletics is a sports technology company that brings professional-level strength and conditioning to all athletes and teams worldwide.

Volt’s Intelligent Training System uses proprietary technology, combined with decades of industry expertise, to deliver better training to more athletes. A key difference between Volt and existing fitness apps is that while most apps track what a user has already done, Volt actually tells the user what to do. Volt’s sport-specific programs are designed for performance training and built by professional strength coaches, adjusting to and growing with the user throughout their training. With Volt, athletes walk into the weight room with their unique training plan, knowing that Volt will deliver the right workout for them, every time.

How long have you been around? How’s has your company grown?

Volt’s mission has always been to provide access to better training to every athlete worldwide. We founded Volt in 2011 and released our first beta product to about 10 teams in late 2012. Currently, we work with over 3,000 teams and over 60,000 high school, college, and professional athletes around the world and are growing quickly.

We’re built to scale because of Volt’s patent-pending Intelligent Training System. Our technology leverages decades of proven strength and conditioning research and science to build hyper-personalized training plans delivered through our digital interface. It also allows us to work with any athlete or team seeking quality sport-specific training.  


With inundation of the fitness tracker market, and now the coaching market, what role will Volt play in this space?

Technology currently isn’t playing a widespread role in athletic development because it’s not practical, affordable, or effective. Sure, there are plenty of technology resources available to pro teams and athletes, but not for the rest of us. We’ve set out to change that.

Consumers are demanding more than tracking from their fitness wearables. Steps, calories, heart rate—users might know what their body is doing 24/7, but there is a disconnect between having the data and the expertise to know what to do with it. We are able turn the data we track and collect into actionable recommendations, providing users access to dynamic training instead of cookie-cutter or isolated workouts.

You guys have been busy with partnerships, can you share who is using this product?

We have forged strategic partnerships and relationships with several like-minded organizations, including the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the Seattle Seahawks, and USA Football, and work with hundreds of high school, college, and professional organizations. One of the unique capabilities of Volt’s technology is that athletes at any level can train properly for the demands of their sport, regardless of their location.

Can you share any case studies or client testimonials?

We hear a lot of positive feedback from the thousands of coaches and athletes that use Volt. We’ve had a soccer coach say it’s the best thing he’s bought besides soccer balls, a football coach thank us for how efficiently it allows him to operate his weight room, and many athletes reach out because of the results they’re seeing within their sport.

Here’s one example from Head Football Coach Tyler Hales at La Jolla Country Day School who tweeted, “Torrey Football has been using Volt Athletics for the last 3 years and we’ve won 2 CIF Championships.” Becky Nette tweeted, “Been doing the [Volt] program for 2 months and have hit 3 PRs in the last two weeks! Commitment to the program is key!” And Matt Ingram tweeted, “I have had multiple people, including trainers, ask about my workout. When I explain Volt, they’re amazed.

And here’s another from Nick Umble, “I just retired from the US Army after 20 years of service. I spent the last 14 years as a Green Beret. I am currently playing college football at 38 years old at the NAIA level. I am used to D-1 strength coaches, that is what was hired to train us in the Army Special Forces world. This is the closest thing to what they taught and preached. So thank you for putting together an amazing app.”

Our Volt team is made up of former athletes, and hearing feedback from our users who are still pursing their athletic goals and training the right way for their sport—is what makes it exciting to go to work every day.

You announced a round of funding last week. How will the funding be used? What are the new markets?

In 2016, we expanded our offering into the consumer market, and substantially improved our product for teams. Both channels have seen tremendous growth, and this funding enables us to broaden our reach to more athletes.

Volt is a combination of proven strength training expertise and cutting-edge technology, which means we’re constantly evolving our product to meet the needs of our users. The funding from this round will be invested in what makes Volt a leader in the sport performance space: our Intelligent Training System.

The round was for over $770,000 and brings Volt’s total funding to $3M.


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