Future Industry Leaders Scholars Profile: Kelly Becker


This summer, the SFIA will acknowledge three young professionals in the sports and fitness industry who have been selected as the 2016 SFIA Future Industry Leaders Scholarship recipients. All three recipients will be present at the fourth annual SFIA Industry Leaders Summit this September 14-15 in Denver, CO.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the SFIAinsider blog, in collaboration with SFIA Weekly, will be highlighting exclusive interviews with each of our three winners, in order of participant’s response. We are honored to have the opportunity to put them in the spotlight in the lead up to this prestigious networking event.

This week, we meet Kelly Becker, a Ursinus College grad and current manager of Innovation Partnerships for Under Armour:

SFIAinsider: Why did you apply to the Future Industry Leaders Scholarship Program?

Kelly Becker: The SFIA has been a longtime partner of our brand. I want to contribute to maintaining and strengthening that relationship as well as engage in meaningful conversation about our industry, learn from industry leaders and build new relationships.

SFIAinsider: What was your very first job, can you tell us more about it?

Kelly Becker: My very first job was working the front desk of the Hershey Lodge during the summers while home from college. It was a fast paced and demanding environment with thousands of families vacationing Hershey. The customer service experience I received while on the job has continued served me well in the corporate arena.

SFIAinsider: What made you want to work in the sports and fitness industry?

Kelly Becker: I’ve always had a passion for excellences and athletics. The team first culture is something I knew I could add value to and wanted to continue to be a part of; I thrive in a dynamic environment and Under Armour’s innovative approach has proven to be a great match.

SFIAinsider: What exactly do you do in your current position?

Kelly Becker: In my current role at Under Armour I facilitate our open innovation platform by managing our website, Idea House. I interact with teammates across the brand and entrepreneurs, universities and Fortune 500 companies from across the globe to evaluate, test, and partner to bring the latest technology to market that will make athletes better. Additionally, as a member of the Innovation Partnerships team I play an integral role in the organization and execution of Under Armour’s annual innovation challenge, Future Show as well as Kevin Plank’s personal entrepreneurial competition, Cupid’s Cup.

SFIAinsider: What do you find the most enjoyable part of your work?

Kelly Becker: It’s different every day!

SFIAinsider: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Industry Leaders Summit?

Kelly Becker: I am looking forward to hearing how those within our industry are handling a variety of disruptions to their market from the changing landscape of the global economy to rapid changes in technology.

SFIAinsider: What is your favorite sports memory from your lifetime?

Kelly Becker: It’s a personal memory, while in college our field hockey team competed in the Final Four several times- the moment we won the NCAA National Championship will always be one of the best sports moments in my lifetime.

SFIAinsider: Do you have a favorite sports movie?

Kelly Becker: Yes, Bend it Like Beckham.

Visit www.sfia.org/ilsscholarshipprogram to find out more about the SFIA’s Future Industry Leaders Scholarship Program.


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