Welcome to the inaugural edition of the ‘SFIA Partner Spotlight’. In this section we will spotlight a different partner or member of the Sports & Fitness Industry Association. The spotlight will include and interview with a prominent member of the company, a short history and relevant content as it pertains to the Sports & Fitness Industry. With out further ado Let’s get started:

Partner: UPROAR PR

Spotlight On: Mike and Catriona Harris, Co-Founders of UPROAR PR

Mike Harris - Co - Founder
Mike Harris, Co-Founder
Catriona Harris
Catriona Harris, Co-Founder

Who is Uproar PR and what sets you apart from other PR agencies?

  • Uproar is a public relations and social media agency with a robust sports and fitness practice, in addition to representing other consumer-focused products and companies. We are relentless in our goal to generate results that not only raise the profile of our clients but also help you reach your sales goals. We have built close relationships with the top editors and producers in the sports and fitness space. We go far beyond most firms who just write a press release and see what sticks. We carefully craft a message to the industry based on trends and the stories we think will gain the most traction.

Sports/fitness tech is pretty niche – how did you get in the industry?

  • Uproar started with an emphasis on consumer products, including consumer technology. As the wearable space began to grow, sports and fitness gadgets worn on the body took off as well and we saw an increasing number of companies and products in need of PR. Our tech experience was attractive to sports and fitness brands, and now we work with a range of companies in the space; some with a tech focus, some not.

Specific challenges to this space? Or all the same challenges that most PR firms face?

  • Sports and fitness technology is growing quickly and the competition is fierce. We are seeing more and more products dedicated to a specific sport, so the opportunity to target your PR campaign is great, but it is becoming more challenging to stand out to a general health and fitness audience.

List of clients (in sports and fitness):

How has the sports/fitness tech landscape changed and how does that affect Uproar specifically?

  • With wearables playing a larger role in the space, we have access to billions of data points on training and performance that we’ve never had before. Uproar helps these companies identify ways to use this data to tell an impactful and unique story about the brand and industry. This positions the company as an innovator and thought leader, presenting new means to view, understand and experience a training program, a gym class or a game.

About Us/Mission statement you may want to share for the industry to know about you?

  • We do more than just talk the talk; we walk the walk. We are an extension of the company and work closely with clients to be fully ingrained in the areas of business important to successful PR. We also invest heavily in our people and company culture. Uproar’s product is its people so we believe happy, long-term employees allow us to have happy and long-term clients.

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